Vida Milenaria and Education

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Each year come visitors from around the country, foreigners and school groups to the Tortuga Camp of Vida Milenaria.  They are attracted by the efforts of Vida Milenaria to protect sea turtles.  They want to participate in any activities at the camp which create environmental awareness.

Throughout the season:

  • over 10,000 people attend the camp
  • Over 220 days Environmental Education Workshops are conducted

Workshops are taught throughout the year, but most are conducted around turtle release dates.  These are mostly attended by participating schools.

Workshops are related primarily to sea turtles but they are also combined with clean-up campaigns, particularly in sections of the beach where there are greater concentrations of street vendors.  Students are motivated to participate in these activities along with group releases of baby sea turtles.

Student from over 60 schools, and adults who participate mainly come from Mexico City, Mexico State, Tlaxcala, Chihuahua, Puebla, Nuevo Leon, as well as several municipalities in the states of Xalapa, Orizaba, Veracruz, and Poza Rica. Also there are many students of primary schools in the communities of Tecolutla who participate.

Flickr photos from the album KIds at Vida Milenaria by saveloraturtles