Tagged Turtle Found!

Tecolutla Beach

 05/23/2014 - 12:47pm - Research Team
University of South Carolina

Exciting news from Vida Milenaria!  A Kemp's ridley which had nested on the Tecolutla beach and was tagged,  was recently found along the Rancho Playa Beach, approximately 10 - 12 km north of Tecolutla.  Raul de Jesus Gonzalez Diaz Miron, representing local staff, reported the find to Dr. Mark Roberts, of the University of South Carolina, who was involved with tagging turtles this summer.  Dr. Roberts noted that the turtle was tagged May 10, 2014, just south of the Vida Milenaria camp.  

"It is nice that we are already seeing a tag return.  And this is interesting information given how much time elapsed between the two nesting events within one season since they are thought to nest somewhere between 2.5-3 times per season" commented Dr. Roberts.

Dr. Roberts is part of recent efforts to bring students from the University of South Carolina to Vida Milenaria for sea turtle research.