Tecolutla Turtle Preservation Project Board

The Tecolutla Turtle Preservation Project (TTPP) board is comprised of community members with a passionate interest in the efforts of Fernando Manzano (Papa Tortuga) to protect nesting of Kemp's ridley sea turtles along Gulf of Mexico, specifically the beaches of Tecolutla, Mexico.  Each of us is committed to the success of his efforts.
Chairperson - Laura Kiehner


Laura Kiehner

A family trip to Mexico in 2002 was the beginning of an unexpected chapter in Laura's life. Founding and chairing a non-profit organization was never in this musician's plans, but she was inspired to do so by the passion and spirit of generosity she witnessed in Tecolutla. Laura feels deeply honored to help her heroes, who are working to save an endangered species!

Board Member - A. Scott Kiehner

Board Member

A. Scott Kiehner

Scott met Fernando on a family trip to Tecolutla along with Lazaro Herrera as our tour guide. Upon returning to the US his wife, Laura and others began the TTPP. It has been a great journey to help support our Natural Hero - Fernando Manzano.

Board Member - Pete Bretz

Board Member

Pete Bretz

Serving as a board member has provided Pete with the opportunity to truly expand his awareness of the environment and his individual impact on it, both locally and globally.

Treasurer- Rick Wilson


Rick Wilson

Rick has been an avid boater since childhood, and with his love of animals, serving on the board of TTPP has seemed like a natural fit. He brings over 25 years of sales experience with national and international firms to TTPP. Rick will use his skills to advance TTPP's fund raising and grant writing efforts.

Board Member - Skip Seelaus

Board Member

Skip Seelaus

Paul Seelaus is an avid environmentalist and enthusiastic about efforts to protect natural habitats and endangered species. He is proud to assist the efforts of the Tecolutla Turtle Preservation Project. Paul is the father of two boys and lives in Wallingford, Pennsylvania.

Board Member - Mark Roberts

Board Member

Mark Roberts


Board Member - Andy Coleman

Board Member

Andy Coleman

Andy Coleman is the Program Director for the Birmingham Audubon Society and has been studying sea turtles since 2011. He assists Mark Roberts in the scientific research that is ongoing at Tecolutla. In addition to his work at Tecolutla, he has other turtle conservation projects in Zihautanejo, Mexico, Florida Panhandle, and the Birmingham area. Andy is excited to work with the other Board members and Vida Milenaria to bring attention to such an important Kemp's ridley nesting beach.