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Fernando "Papa Tortuga" Manzano

"Many years ago I saw a program where Jacques Cousteau, French oceanographer, helped raise turtles, I noticed as I could in the technique used and tried to imitate here in Veracruz, with good results."

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October 3, 2014admin
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 Research Team

Funds for ATV Repairs, Scute Study

September 15, 2014admin
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Funds for ATV Repairs

On a recent trip to Tecolutla, Board Liaison Lazaro Herrera delivered two TTPP checks to Vida Milenaria.  A check for ATV repairs was put to immediate use.  Patrolling the beachfront for turtle nests takes its toll on the ATVs.   The second check was for the purpose of covering costs for Dr. Andy Coleman's scute study.  Andy will be presenting results of the study at the Kemp's ridley Sea Turtle Symposium.

Student Visitors from Around the World

September 15, 2014admin


This summer students traveled from afar to volunteer at Vida Milenaria.  Thank you for all of your help and energy!

CIIPE Education Center Moves Forward

December 5, 2012admin
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With our purchasing of land north of the Vida Milenaria camp last year, substantial effort has been made to clear the area for use. There is much work to be done but Fernando and crew have been making remarkable progress in establishing sufficient facilities to accomodate campers.  Thus far the site has a fresh water well that is supplying water for camp as well as the adjoining camp.  Additionally, a perimeter fence has been erected, and numerous fruit bearing trees have been planted.  

Turtle Release and Education

December 3, 2012admin

IMG_0133 Each year come visitors from around the country, foreigners and school groupsto the Tortuga Camp of Vida Millenaria.  They are attracted by the efforts of Vida Millenaria to protect sea turtles.  They want to participate in any activities at the camp which create environmental awareness.

Throughout the 2010 season:

  • 12,300 people attended the camp
  • Over 220 days Environmental Education Workshops were conducted

In 2011:

Nesting Results from 2012

November 29, 2012 — pbretz
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Another year has come to a close, and the results for 2012 from Vida Milenaria are very exciting.  This year a total number of 812 Kemp's Ridley nests were protected.  This compares with 693 nests protected in 2011!  Additionally, 12 Hawksbill nests were protected as well as 115 Green turtle nests.

Greetings from Tecolutla

July 31, 2012admin
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Students of the Justo Sierra School in Gutierrez Zamora, Veracruz, Mexico - send greetings to the students of Strath Haven Middle School of Wallingford, PA, USA. They are very excited about an exchange program starting this September.

TTPP Springtime Events Recap

May 28, 2012admin

Ready to Work - Happy to Help Papa Tortuga Save Sea TTurtlesThe springtime saw a number of TTPP events take place.  Our event, Wheat Beer Days at Quotations was a great success!  Five days in mid April at Quotations were committed to raise funds for TTPP.  The restaurant donated $1 for every Wheat Beer sale.  Thanks to Quotations for their support of the turtles!